Supporting Human Dignity in a Collapsing Field

Supporting Human Dignity in a Collapsing Field

Joanna Kato, Guus Klaren, Nurith Levi (Eds.)

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Introductory Note, by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and
Jeff Allison
Foreword, by Gianni Francesetti
Introduction, by Joanna Kato, Guus Klaren and Nurith Levi
Before Part I
Paul Goodman’s Heritage. Relevance for Today,
by Dieter Bongers
Part I – Political Conflict, War and Aftermath
1. The Maidan Syndrome or the Mechanism of the
Formation of the Collective Trauma,
by Olena Levchuk
2. Do Those Who Have a Voice for Others Have a Voice
About Themselves? Journalists’ Mental Health and War,
by Tatyana Konrad and Natalya Stotetskaya
3. Peculiarities in Providing Psychotherapeutic Assistance to
Combatants with Adjustment Disorders,
by Svitlana Efimova and Liliia Zhyvotovska
4. From Yugoslavian Wars to Middle East Refugee Crisis:
Insights and Transfer of Knowledge and Experience,
by Iskra Pejic, Jasenka Pregrad and Tia Tomiša
5. What’s Wrong? Reflections of a Crisis Psychologist,
by Olena Levchuk
Passage From Part I to Part II
They Left Their Home and Hearth, Poems,
by Greet Cassiers
Part II – Migration and Refugee Crises
6. Crossing Borders and Boundaries. Towards an
Encounter (Working on the Greek Islands),
by Ioanna Alexia, Nikos Gionakis, Ioannis Goumas, Katerina
Kaisidou and Joanna Kato
7. Supervising (Supporting) Front Line Workers.
Reflecting on the Process,
by Joanna Kato
8. What Is the Figure? An Example of a Field and
Changes of Figures in a Refugee Transit Country,
by Martina Carija and Jasenka Pregrad
9. Contextualising Therapist Self-Care in Therapeutic
Work with Refugees,
by Katharina Stahlmann and Deirdre Winter
10. Shaping Change Through Dialogue with
Responsibility for a Common Future,
by Gabriele Blankertz
Part III – Gestalt Approach in Broader
Social and Political Contexts
11. The Trauma of Generational Poverty: Healing
on the Contact Boundary,
by Sara Hendrick
12. Therapeutic and Leadership Lessons from Belfast:
A Framework for Ethical Practice,
by Rosie Burrow
13. Politics as Therapy, Therapy as Politics? Contributions
and Challenges of Gestalt Therapy Interventions in the
Context of Social and Environmental Injustices,
by Marien González Hidalgo
Epilogue: Gestalt Is not a Magic Wand, it Is Making Change
by Conscious Action,
by Nurith Levi
Biographical Notes
Appendix: Mission of Human Rights and Social
Responsibility Committee EAGT

In this book you will come close to some of the greatest sufferings and injuries of the contemporary world: war, and the horror it implies, traumatic migrations, abuse, violence, rejection, solitude, neglect, poverty. But do not forget, reader: pain and evil is presented before your eyes thanks to the fact that somebody was there, to witness, to care, to share, to heal, to cry.
To be-with. To lend her or his flesh to those wounds so that they are not born by one woman or one man alone. The authors are “just” Gestalt therapists who are responding to a call away from the usual therapeutic setting.
This book is an expression of the mission of the EAGT Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee: to finnd and to be found. To create connections. And circularly, awareness. We can change the geography and the history by creating connections. Not the maps already petrified in the books, but the landscape we live in.

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